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Testing and Approvals

Selection of Conformity Tests for EnSolv®:

Compressed Gas Association

NASA LOX Mechanical Impact Testing
NASA GOX Mechanical Impact Testing                                            
NASA White Sands Test Facility - Solvent Removal following Oxygen System Cleaning
SAE AMS 2644 (originally MIL-I-25135E Class: 1 & 1A ) Pre-cleaning for Penetrant Testing
ARP 1755B Effect of Cleaning Agents on Aircraft Engine Materials
ASTM F 945 Stress Corrosion of Titanium Alloys by Aircraft Maintenance Materials (Method A)
Douglas Aircraft CSD#1 General Purpose Cleaner
AMS 1526B Cleaner for Aircraft Exterior Surfaces
ASTM D6368 06 stabilised n-Propyl Bromide for use in Vapour Degreasing
MIL P28809 printed circuit cleaning
British Aerospace (Airbus) ABR 9-0140; Issue 5A Type 1 General Purpose Cleaning Solvent
Pratt & Whitney Determination of the Effect of Chemical Cleaners on Non-Metallic Materials
PWA 36604 Compatibility with PWA 407 Rubber
PWA 36604 Hot Corrosion Testing of Standard Gas Turbine Engine Alloys
Boeing D6-17487 Revision L - Exterior & General Cleaners & Liquid Waxes
Flash Point Tests - ASTM-D-56; ASTM-D-93; ISO 13736 :1997; BS2000 PART 170 1995
Turkish Air Force - 1st Maintenance Supply Centre
Belgian Armed Forces (Belgium)
Air Liquide (France) - Cleaning Oxygen lines
Schneider Group (France)
EDF (Electricite de France) & GDF (Gaz de France)
British Aerospace (Airbus) ABR 9-0140; Issue 5A Type 1 General Purpose Cleaning Solvent (qualified)
General Motors, Michigan FID 950603 - Vapour Degreasing & Cold Cleaning
US Dept. of Transportation Federal Highways - Replacement for Trichloroethylene in Asphalt Testing
Solar Turbines , San Diego (part of Caterpillar)
Anniston Army Depot - cleaning of M1-A1 tank parts
AAI Engineering Support (Ft. Knox USA) - cleaning of M-1 and M-2 tank simulator pcbs
IMP Aerospace (Canada) - Vapour degreasing of sub-assemblies on CT-140 Aurora anti-submarine aircraft and the Sea King helicopter
United Defense LP (USA) - Vapour Degreasing for sub-assemblies of the 5"-54 Mark 45 5" Naval Guns
US Coast Guard (USA) - Cold flush cleaning of air conditioners on the Dolphin helicopter
USAF (USA) - cleaning pcbs on C-117 simulators
Naval Surface Warfare Centre - cleaning sub-assemblies on the Mark 42, Mark 45 5" guns and the old Mark 20 6" guns
Corpus Christi Army Depot (USA) Vapour degreasing GE & Pratt & Whitney engines for use on UH-60 and Blackhawk helicopters
Southwest Aerospace (USA) - Vapour degreasing pcbs for drone target planes
Northrup Grumman PEI (Puerto Rico) - Vapour degreasing electronic components of torpedo warheads
Display Division Pacific Aerospace and Electronics (USA) - Vapour degreasing of electromagnetic relays for Defense satellites
Litton Guidance and Control (USA) - Vapour degreasing pcbs for military space applications
Delco Defense Systems Operations (USA) - Vapour degreasing pcbs for thermal imaging systems
Dept of the Air Force (USA) qualification to AMS 2644 Class 1 Solvent Remover for NDT
Bell Helicopters
Panasonic Mobile Communications


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