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The originators of n-Propyl Bromide based solvent cleaning are proud to introduce the ONLY Boeing Approved n-propyl bromide (npb) based vapour degreasing solvent for aerospace applications.

Finally, a safe and effective alternative is available to replace Trichloroethylene (TCE) and Perchloroethylene (PERC) for those required to meet the uncompromising standards of Boeing's BAC 5408 vapour degreasing specification.

EnSolv 5408 was developed with a unique, patented stabilizer package, engineered to meet or exceed the stringent stability and cleaning requirements of BAC 5408.

EnSolv 5408 cleans as effectively or better than TCE and PERC, but is non chlorinated, non hazardous, non carcinogenic, environmentally friendlier and less likely to create stress corrosion or hydrogen embrittlement in titanium.

EnSolv 5408 has been approved as of June 15, 2006 by Boeing Aircraft Corporation under BAC5408 via PSD 6-59 as an alternative vapor degreasing solvent to TCE and PERC. As of February 5, 2008 PSD 6-59 has been superseded by PSDS 6-62 to permit the use of EnSolv Spec 490 Stabilizer Booster mixture.

EnSolv 5408 is the ONLY n-Propyl Bromide based solvent to succeed through the rigors of over four years of intensive testing by Boeing and is listed on the QPL of BMS 11-11.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: On March 21, 2008, Boeing St. Louis (McDonald-Douglas) approved EnSolv-5408 Precision Solvent to their PS 12020 Rev. Y Aerospace Vapor Degreasing Specification. EnSolv-5408is the ONLY nPB solvent approved for commercial and/or military applications.

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