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DUE TO n-Propyl bromide now being included in Annex 14 of REACH

EnviroTech Europe Ltd (ETE) continue to publish it as historical information and to record changes occurring in legislation which have affected decisions on formulations and equipment used in vapour degreasing - the most effective, quickest, flexible and cheapest cleaning system used in industry.

EnSolv® invented and patented by EnviroTech has been a market leader all over the world for vapour degreasing. It is based on n-bromopropane (nPB) which now cannot be used as a vapour degreaser within the UK or EU without authorisation.

Archived information about EnSolv®  can be found using the Discontinued Products & Resources navigation menu on this page.

Using experience accumulated over 40 years supplying and supporting users of the vapour degreasing process ETE specialists have developed “drop in” alternatives:
ProSolv®, ProSolv5408e®  and EnSolv CC-A® give the same or improved level of performance and economy as the original EnSolv® products.

Please contact our advisers who are available to discuss your needs and propose the best replacement product.

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EnSolv CC-A

Support With Replacing Trichloroethylene

EnSolv® is the industry standard for replacing Trichloroethylene, HCFC 141b and other chlorinated solvents. The patented azeotropic, stabilised and optimised solvent formulation ensures that EnSolv conforms to relevant ASTM and aerospace cleaning standards.

EnSolv® is a global product available in Europe and the Middle East by EnviroTech Europe Ltd. A data pack, which describes the extensive evaluation and testing programmes, which have been commissioned from independent laboratories, is available on request.

Technical Support

EnviroTech Europe through its distributors in Europe offer total service from the smallest company to multisite multi-nationals. This is included in the price of the products. As the pioneers of the use of stabilised n-propyl bromide for vapour degreasing, we have a continuous research programme to develop new solutions to precision cleaning problems which have minimal impact on people or the environment.

We recommend that EnSolv® is tested for use in your specific application for compatibility with your components, and to optimise the process for soil removal. Full testing facilities are available at our laboratories and our qualified technicians are available for on-going support at your facility for process implementation and validation, training of operators, and air monitoring and recording on site, to ensure safe use of our products.

EnviroTech Europe and their distributors are committed to the highest level of product stewardship and can advise about solvent recycling and disposal facilities where appropriate.

Precision cleaning for critical applications can only be achieved by combining the advanced chemistry of EnSolv® with well-designed equipment.

The EnSolv® Assured Equipment Team are specialists in cleaning technology operating worldwide to:

Inspect existing equipment to establish suitability and monitor use to ensure compliance with current legislation.
Select equipment suppliers for design skills and high levels of service support.
Co-operate with chosen assured
equipment supplierand your process engineers to define system parameters to meet the levels of cleanliness required.