Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370


Vapour degreasing solvent
for precision metal cleaning

Simple “drop-in” replacement for n-Propyl Bromide and Trichloroethylene.

Vapour Degreasing Products | ProSolv Vapour Degreasing Solvent
Critical Cleaning Solvent

high performance vapour degreasing solvent, simple “drop-in” replacement for n-Propyl bromide and trichloroethylene

ProSolv® vapour degreasing solvent is a proprietary tertiary azeotropic formulation developed as a direct “drop In” replacement for n-propyl bromide, trichloroethylene and other chlorinated solvents.

ProSolv® is extremely stable and simple to use meeting all the increasingly stringent legislative demands for safer, non flammable solvents with a low environmental impact in the precision engineering industries.

Precision metal cleaning

ProSolv® Trichloroethylene replacement can be used in most existing vapour degreasing equipment and can be used safely for immersion cleaning using ultrasonics, where it has been optimised with a high specific gravity and very low surface tension.

Unlike other chlorinated solvents ProSolv® can be used for manual cleaning in a suitably ventilated area. Typical applications are where high performance critical cleaning is required at lower cost than other fluorinated solvent cleaners. Vapour degreasing for medical, aerospace, optics, oxygen equipment service, high vacuum components and electronics.

ProSolv® is an excellent choice to replace flammable solvents such as MEK, Acetone, Iso propyl alcohol (IPA) or hydrocarbons where manual wiping or brush cleaning is the preferred cleaning method.

ProSolv® is a stable azeotrope which can be recycled by distillation for reuse through many cycles. It is a very stable mixture with no need for monitoring or the need for additives or stabilisers.

ProSolv® offers a cost effective Trichloroethylene replacement in formulations for dip, spray or aerosol applications and as a fast drying carrier solvent for oil, silicones and other

How does vapour degreasing work? Improvements in equipment technology, driven by legislation

Vapour degreasing is the simplest but most effective degreasing and cleaning process. It has, until recently, been subject to little change since it was first invented in the early part of the last century. The name for the process is a misnomer as the cleaning is actually achieved by solvent vapour condensing on the cooler target parts the hot liquid solvent dissolving oil and removing dirt.

Vapour degreasing is a mature technology on which legislation is now effecting changes so fundamental that the more accurate name for the process “Condensation Cleaning” should be used to reflect the way in which it works. More importantly the alternatives in equipment design and fundamental differences in the technologies which guarantee its continuing use in the future need to be considered and understood.

Packaging and Availability

ProSolv® is available in the following container sizes and weights:
190 litre (approx.) drum, 240 kg
18 litre (approx.) can, 23 kg
The weight of ProSolv® is 1.267 kg per litre

ProSolv is completely stable, we recommend storage in dry cool conditions and has a long three years shelf life.



  • Non Flammable (No Flash Point).
  • High Solvency (KB Value 91).
  • Low Surface Tension, Low Boiling Point.
  • Highly productive and economical in use.
  • Stable in use no additives required.
  • Minimal Non Volatile Residue.
  • No Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs).
  • Compatible with metals and most plastics.
  • Acid Acceptance Testing not needed.
  • Excellent performance with ultrasonics.


  • SNAP Approved for Degreasing.
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).
  • Low Global Warming Potential (GWP).
  • Non Hazardous for transportation.


  • Customer service, technical support and training from qualified distributors worldwide.

We can provide you with a Material Safety Data Sheet, independent laboratory reports, product samples or technical assistance. For more information or advice please contact us by telephone on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our contact form.

Vapour degreasing solvents are supplied and supported by EnviroTech Europe Ltd.  Manufactured in the United Kingdom and available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of distributors worldwide.

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