Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8281 6370

Environmentally friendly, safe and approved asphalt extraction solvents.
Vapour Degreasing Solvents

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EnSolv® products, invented and patented by Envirotech (ETE), have been a market leader all over the world for n-bromopropane (nPB) based vapour degreasing solvents  - now moved to Annex XIV of REACH regulations by ECHA so nPB solvents cannot be used without authorisation after July 2020.

Using the experience of 40 years supplying and supporting users of the vapour degreasing process ETE specialists have developed "drop in" alternatives:

ProSolv®  and EnSolv CC-A®  give the same level of enhanced performance and economy as the original EnSolv® products.
Please contact our experts who are available to discuss your uses and propose the best replacement product.

Critical Cleaning SolventN-propyl bromide replacementEnSolv CC-A

Environmentally friendly and safe asphalt extraction solvents formulated in response to a need for a
safer solvent than Trichloroethylene

In July of 2005, stabilized n-Propyl Bromide (npb) solvents, such as EnSolv® EX, were approved by AASHTO for the extraction of bitumen from bituminous asphalts. EnSolv® EX conforms to ASTM D-2172, ASTM D 6368 and ASTM D 5404.

The patented stabilizer package blended into the azeotropic EnSolv® EX mixture ensures that the solvent can be recovered and redistilled through numerous cycles, translating to longer useful life and more efficient extractions.

EnSolv® EX conforms to ASTM D-2172, ASTM D 6368 and ASTM D 5404.
Availlable in 22kg cans and 273kg drums.

EnSolv EX Benefits


  • Not classified as a carcinogen
  • Very high solvency power, excellent fast precision cleaning
  • Mid range temperature operation, reduced energy use, faster cleaning cycle, easier handling
  • Can be used in any vapour degreasing equipment with improved productivity and lower maintenance
  • Safe for the environment, low Global warming and ozone depletion potentials


  • US EPA Snap approval
  • Boeing approved replacement for Trichloroethylene approved by major OEMs worldwide
  • Approved in US Tri-Service Corrosion Manuals


  • Excellent customer service, technical support and training from qualified distributors throughout Europe
Further information

We can provide you with a Material Safety Data Sheet, independent laboratory reports, product samples or technical assistance. For more information or advice please contact us by telephone on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our contact form.

Vapour degreasing solvents are supplied and supported by EnviroTech Europe Ltd.  Manufactured in the United Kingdom and available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of distributors in Europe and the Middle East.

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